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Any physical damage caused to the screen

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Asus Authorized Service Centre in Dubai

Asus  Authorized Service Centre in Dubai

Laptop Shop Dubai offers a complete range of Asus laptop repair and upgrade services for customers across the UAE. Our wide range of Asus laptop technical support services include expert diagnosis and troubleshooting of hardware and software problems, optimization of your operating system for enhanced performance, network support services to installation of latest operating system and security updates for all Chromebook models, ASUSPRO Series, FX / ZX SeriesGaming SeriesVivoBook (E Series)VivoBook (K series)VivoBook (N series)VivoBook (X series)VivoBook SeriesVivoBook Slim SeriesZenBook Classic SeriesZenbook Deluxe SeriesZenBook Flip Series and ZenBook Pro Series.

Professional  Asus Laptop Repair Services

With over ten years of providing quality Dubai Asus laptop repair and support services, we have expert technicians and advanced equipment for all your business and home notebook technical needs. We can address all types of common Asus laptop issues such as dead laptop or laptop won’t power on, laptop powers on but no image on the screen, laptop starts with a blue screen error, laptop all of a sudden shutting down while playing games, laptop freezes randomly for a few seconds, laptop optical drive makes noise while playing CDs or DVDs, laptop won’t boot up and keeps making a clicking sound on startup, laptop screen shows vertical or horizontal lines, motherboard failure, liquid or water spill damage, distorted video issues, Asus laptop overheating and slow laptop, keys on keyboard not working properly, wireless connection issues and other component level laptop issues. As a part of our laptop computer repair support, we stock a wide array of parts and accessories, compatible to all Asus laptop models, to fix your notebook computer quickly and efficiently.

Dubai Asus laptop repair and upgrade services we offer include:

  • Our team have the experience, expertise and necessary knowledge to repair all types of laptop brands including HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and Apple.

    For a free quote – or to book your laptop in for repairs – get in touch with us today by calling +971 – 4-354 4115 or send an email with your enquiry to sales@

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  • Malware or virus attacks
  • Physical damages caused to the system
  • Long power surges
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Corrupted hard drive installed

Useful Tips

Not all computer problems are from your hardware or a virus. Here are some tips for speeding up your computer:

  1. Remove unnecessary files

  2. Empty your recycle bin

  3. Uninstall unwanted programs

  4. Check RAM and add more if needed

  5. Delete internet browsing history

  6. Organize desktop icons

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