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  • Any physical damage caused to the screen
  • Spilling of water or any beverage on the laptop device
  • Internal short-circuiting
  • Failure to load drivers

Laptop Wifi Network Repair in Dubai

 Laptopshopdubai Repairs Service we set up and maintain wireless network services for companies and homes in the Bur Dubai and Deira area.

Our team is up to date on the latest network issues, solutions and devices and we can help you achieve more consistent and faster internet speeds on your laptops and computers.

With the improved wireless network performance we will bring to your home or office, you will spend less time waiting on web pages, movies and services to load and more time doing what you want to be doing.

We offer a range of services on helping to set up and improve your home or office network, such as:

  • We can install and set up your broadband Internet connection

  • Buying and setting up a new router

  • Buying and setting up wifi extenders across your home or office

  • Fix internet connection problems

  • Improve or fix your laptop, computer or device’s internet connection issues

For a free quote – or to book your laptop in for repairs – get in touch with us today by calling +971 – 4-354 4115 or send an email with your enquiry to sales@

The essential services that are offered to our customers are:

  • Malware or virus attacks
  • Physical damages caused to the system
  • Long power surges
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Corrupted hard drive installed

Useful Tips

Not all computer problems are from your hardware or a virus. Here are some tips for speeding up your computer:

  1. Remove unnecessary files

  2. Empty your recycle bin

  3. Uninstall unwanted programs

  4. Check RAM and add more if needed

  5. Delete internet browsing history

  6. Organize desktop icons

We are a team of very well experienced engineers working in this field for a long time now and have repaired almost 2000+ laptops.

If you have more queries about our laptop repair and upgrade services, please feel free to connect us

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